All advance reservations are greatly appreciated. Our telephone lines are answered 24 hours a day and are toll free (within the US) for your convenience 
*1-800-698-0014. We can take online reservations as well at reservations@lynetteslimousines.com. 
(A confirmation email must be sent to authorize reservation)

Our transfers include but aren’t limited to a one way or round trip service to Logan or another Airport without stops between. Additional stops if needed will be calculated at $10.00 per stop.

Payments with the exception of weddings will be due in full at or by the pick up time of the reservation date. Weddings must be prepaid at least 30 days prior to the reservation date. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as forms of payment. If you wish to pay by check please make sure we receive your check at least two weeks prior to your reservation date. We do require Credit Card holders and Credit Card to be present at the pick up address in order to authorize payment.

In order to provide the highest level of customer service and maximum availability to all of our clients, we follow the policy below for canceling a reservation.
Reservations for 2 hours of service or less require a 24 hour notice and cancel fee may apply.
Reservations for more than 2 hours of service require a 48 hour notice and a cancel fee may apply.
If a cancellation occurs outside of these parameters, the full amount of the reservation will be charged. Please contact the reservations department with any questions regarding this policy.

No Show Policy
Airport- If you fail to arrive at the scheduled pick up time and/or location for the arriving flight information you provided to us and there has not been any contact with Lynette’s Limousine after an hour for domestic flights or an hour and a half for international flights this will be considered a "No Show" and you will be charged the full fee of the reservation plus gratuity and any additional fees. Your assigned chauffeur will attempt to contact you either by phone or text, please respond to that communication to confirm contact and pick up details. If you can’t locate your vehicle please call us at 781-938-0014. Massport frequently changes pick up and drop off locations. Please call the office for assistance and we will direct you to the driver.

Flight Delays/Flight Changes
If your flight is delayed we ask that you call Lynette’s Limousine at 781-938-0014 to inform us and let us know when you will be departing so we can make adjustments to accommodate your new arrival time. We will be able to monitor your flight accordingly as soon as it is in flight. In the event your flight is changed at any given time, we must be updated immediately of the new flight information as the airline and flight number is how we monitor. If client gives Lynette's Limousine the incorrect flight information, the client will be fully responsible for any accrued waiting times and or cancel fees. Our dispatch department will monitor your flight for any early or delayed arrivals. Any flight delays that extend beyond 1.5 hours a $25 per hour monitoring fee will apply. This covers the cost of your assigned driver being placed on standby and any administrative fees. 

Grace Periods & Wait Fees 

Domestic Flight Arrivals: There is a 30 minute grace period on domestic flight arrivals. Your driver will arrive at the designated limo stand 30 minutes after your flight has landed. Trip time will begin at that point and to avoid any additional fees, the ride must be completed within 60 minutes (or originally negotiated time).
International Flight Arrivals: There is a 45 minute grace period on international flight arrivals. Your driver will arrive at the designated limo stand 45 minutes after your flight has landed. Trip time will begin at that point and to avoid any additional fees, the ride must be completed within 60 minutes (or originally negotiated time).

Wait Fees: Once your grace period has expired, all sedans and executive SUV'S will accrue a $1.00 per minute wait fee.

Meeting Locations at Logan Airport
Chauffeurs are not permitted to leave any vehicle unattended for any length of time. Your car and chauffeur will be waiting for you at the designated Limousine stand for your terminal. If you are unable to locate the Limousine stand or your chauffeur please contact Lynette’s Limousine at 781-938-0014 for assistance.

Logan Airport Pick up Locations:
(These are subject to change. Please inquire with our office to confirm current Massport policies.) 

Terminal “A” 
All Delta, Southwest and Westjet flights except international 
-Exit terminal on Lower Level and proceed across both crosswalks to Limousine Lot

Terminal “B” 
Air Canada, All American flights (except international arrivals), Pen Air, Spirit Air, and United Airlines
-After getting all baggage proceed outside baggage claim and cross the crosswalk into the parking garage and walk over to the limo stand area marked "Limos". 

Terminal “C”
 Jet Blue (Except Int'l Arrivals), Alaska Airlines, Aer Lingus (Both Departures & Arrivals), Cape Air, Emirates Airlines (Departures Only), Tap Portugal (Departures Only), Sun Country.
-After getting all baggage proceed up to the "Departures Level" and exit the terminal and proceed to the outer most curbside area.

Terminal “E” 

 International Flights
-Exit terminal at the ground level. Walk out to the designated limousine parking lot on your far left.

Miscellaneous Charges
Tolls (except airports) and parking fees are not included in the cost of service.

Price Quotes
All price quotes over the phone or email are estimates. These rates are subject to change and are based upon availability at the time of the quote. Price Quotes are not guaranteed unless reservation is booked the day of quote.

Party Bus Rental Agreement & Policies

The terms “we”, “us”, “LLS” , and “Company” refer to Lynette’s Limousine Service, Inc., and/or its affiliates, and “you” refers to the customer, client, and signor. All
reservations you book with us are subject to the following terms, conditions and notices as they exist at the time the reservation is created. We reserve the right to amend,
change these terms, conditions and notices, and you agree to accept and be bound by these terms, conditions, and notices that are in effect at the time of the creation of your
reservation with our company.
All vehicles are quoted subject to availability at the time of reservation. Rates are subject to change without notice. The price on this contract is based on the times you
provided us at time of booking. You are fully responsible for any overage, “overtime”. Overtime is charged in 15 minute increments once you surpass the pre-arranged drop
off time. Please refer to the “overtime” rate on your reservation. Fuel Charge, Parking Fees, Tolls, and Misc. Fees May Apply. Unless otherwise specified, all reservations
require a major credit or debit card to secure rental. Reservations are only finalized upon receipt of payment either prior to reservation or once vehicle arrives at pre-arranged
pickup address. We adhere to a 14 day cancellation/downgrade policy.
You, the signor, the client are fully responsible to inform your guests (other passengers) of the Terms & Conditions of this contract and ensure they have proper ID. You are
fully responsible for the actions of your guests and yourself in regards to damage that either you or your guests inflict to this vehicle. This includes but is not limited to gum,
smoking, burns, beverage spills, rips tears and holes in the upholstery, vomiting, and/or damage to equipment of this vehicle. To ensure you’re not charged an “excessive
cleaning fee” ($100-$500). We provide for your convenience trash bags. Please dispose of all trash at completion of your rental. Please note, these vehicles are in high
demand, in some occasions, this vehicle may be reserved for another occasion immediately following the conclusion of your rental. We ask that the vehicle be respected and
left in reusable condition in the event vehicle is required after completion of your reservation.
  • All Passengers MUST be seated at all times while vehicle is in motion (NO EXCEPTIONS). Passengers cannot stand or dance on seats, nor sit
  • on backrest area of seats. If movement about vehicle is necessary, please utilize caution and hold onto grab rails (if applicable).
  • Lynette’s Limousine Service, Inc., has a ZERO tolerance for underage Alcohol or Narcotics possession or consumption. All passengers must
  • be at least 21 years of age to allow any alcohol onboard our vehicles. Any illegal underage consumption of any alcohol or narcotics will result
  • in early termination of service and no refunds will be given.
  •  To permit alcohol on board vehicle, all passengers must be of legal age (21 years) or  more. We reserve the right to check ID’s or deny entry into
  •  vehicle if not of age. No UNDERAGE DRINKING PERMITTED
  •  Absolutely NO SMOKING on board any of our vehicles.
  •  No leaning against windows of vehicle. Some windows double as Emergency Exits.
  •  No opening or hanging out of windows or Emergency Exit Hatches.
  •  No Hanging from grab rails, or Vertical Poles (they are there for structural reasons)
  •  Do Not Cross White or Yellow Standee Line towards front of bus. Do Not Distract  driver while bus is underway
  •  Do Not throw foreign objects into restroom toilets, (I.E. bottles, cans, food, napkins,  paper towel, etc.) These restrooms are designed to
  •  dissolve specific toilet paper. Please see driver for a roll if needed.
  •  There will be NO possession, consumption or sale of ANY type of narcotics, illegal  drugs, weapons or alcohol.
  •  Do not exit vehicle with any alcoholic beverages in hand, only exception is during  end of rental at drop off address.
Please note, that as a vehicle that is regulated by the USDOT FMCSA, we must abide by federal and local state rules and regulations, this includes but
not limited to travelling only on permitted roadways, potential roadside inspections, strict driving hours regulations.
Lynette’s Limousine reserves the right to expel any person/passenger from vehicle and/or terminate this contract. In the event of early termination of contract, no portion of
the contract will be refunded. There is NO SMOKING permitted in any of our vehicles. There will be no possession, consumption or sale of any narcotics, illegal drugs,
weapons or alcohol. Removal of cups or beverages from vehicles is strictly prohibited. Violations will result in immediate termination of service and forfeiture of all paid
deposits and fees for services including driver’s gratuity. A driver who requires a passenger or passengers to leave the vehicle other than at the passenger’s requested
destination shall do so only at a well-lit public place or nearest police department. For your safety and protection, LLS will not pick up (unless previously permitted) additional
passengers (strays or strangers) throughout the rental.
Lynette’s Limousine will not be held responsible or liable for injuries caused by or due to slippery steps (entering or exiting vehicle), inebriated passengers, music, slippery
floors, glass breakage, insufficient lighting, effects lighting, motion of vehicle, any motion of the vehicle, or any conditions existing in the interior or on the exterior part of the
vehicle which may cause harm or injury. We urge all guests to remain seated while the vehicle is in motion to avoid injury. Any and all injuries must be reported to the driver
immediately in order to get proper medical attention if such injury requires. You may be asked to complete an Accident Report with proper authorities. All medical
emergencies will be the sole financial responsibility of the client or injured guest and continuance of your reservation will be at the sole discretion of the driver and Lynette’s
Limousine Service, Inc. LLS is not responsible for the actions or injuries relating to the impairment of passengers. All injuries must be reported immediately at the time of
injury to your driver and he will instruct you to fill out an accident report.
Lynette’s Limousine Service, Inc., is not responsible for lost, forgotten, or stolen items/personal property during or after completion of the rental, however, in the event your driver locates any property left by a passenger/guest in a vehicle, the property will be processed into our “Lost & Found” department and held at one of our company
locations. Personal Property Owner must contact us immediately with detailed description of such personal property, and make arrangements to pick up property during
regular business hours and totally at the property owners financial expense. All lost and abandoned personal property will be held for a time frame of no more than 30 days,
after hold time expires, property may be donated to charity or destroyed.
Lynette’s Limousine Service, Inc., shall not be held responsible for late arrivals caused by acts of nature, traffic delays, mechanical breakdowns, incorrect pickup and drop off
information and any situation beyond the control of Lynette’s Limousine Service, Inc. We do NOT permit guests/passengers to extend any parts of their bodies outside any
windows, emergency exit windows, and or emergency exit hatches. All Windows and Hatches marked “Emergency Exit” must not be touched nor tampered with unless under
emergency situations. Client is fully responsible for any delays, damages resulting from this term to be violated. Damage to any of the windows or emergency exit system will
automatically terminate the rental. Pictures and/or video taken by our staff may be used for website/social media and business purposes only. By executing this contract, you
are hereby giving Lynette’s Limousine Service, Inc., the authorization to display or promote these videos/and or take photos. If legal action is required or necessary to collect monies due, you are fully responsible for any or all collections, attorney and court fees, plus any outstanding debt owed to Lynette’s Limousine Service, Inc. or any of it's affiliates.

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